The Newest TikTok App: Why Is It So Popular?

The Newest TikTok App: Why Is It So Popular?

TikTok is the newest social network where you can create videos and share them with your friends and followers. At the moment TikTok is the most popular among the younger people. Although the older generation also starts showing their interest in this new social network.


  • History of TikTok
  • TikTok app features
  • Advantages of installing TikTok
  • Increase profile rating

History of TikTok

The TikTok app was designed in 2016 in China. Previously, it had a different name “Douyin”. It took about a year to make the app popular in China. Soon the social network became well-known in the neighboring countries, and its popularity has reached Russia not that long ago. For example, many Tik Tok Korean songs became popular hits. In the app, you can add any music to the video using various effects and filters. Currently, the app has been installed by more than 500 million people worldwide.

TikTok app features

With this service, you can create videos. It is possible to create a video by mounting pictures and photos and overlaying your favorite melody. Animation, filters, speeding up and slowing down the video – all these effects are available for any TikTok user. The Tik Tok sweet couple Korean got much users love due to recording a duet. This button can be found in the menu, as well as the keys for various effects and filters.
Also on TikTok, you can chat with friends and make new acquaintances. In the app you can not only exchange personal messages, but also leave comments to the videos you like.

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Advantages of installing TikTok

Tik Tok Korean challenge is always popular with users. But the people from other countries do not lag behind the Korean users and turn to life their interesting ideas. But in addition to its entertaining features, this social network helps to gain fame in the real world and allows good earnings. Active users regularly make a profit without leaving home. The main income on TikTok comes from advertising of various goods and services. The more followers in the account, the more profitable offers for cooperation receives the author. But some users succeed in advertising their products and services in the TikTok’s profile.

Increase of profile rating

To successfully run a business in the TikTok account, you need to have a well-promoted account. It is important to constantly increase the number of followers who will view posts, put likes, post comments and make reposts. There are several ways to promote your TikTok account. They can be both paid and free. Active TikTok users believe that the best way to increase popularity on TikTok is to use the help of professionals at the specialized services. All the costs will pay off in a short time, and there is no need to spend your personal time on account promotion.

TikTok is a up-to-date and useful app. Its popularity continues growing daily. When promoting your account, remember that all published videos must be of good quality. It is also important to leave a video description with hashtags.

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How to Promote a Social Network Account

Regardless of the opinion of different people, the Instagram social network is a place where creativity is concentrated. And it can be tasteless, talented, organized or chaotic. Here each user has the opportunity to feel like a gifted photographer with his own vision of objects and people, with a unique taste and interesting ideas. This network allows the user to show the world as he sees it at this very moment to his followers. But in order for the latter to be interested in the page, it is necessary to make it visited. And if you don’t know yet how to get more engagement on Instagram, we recommend using special services, since self-promotion will take too much time and money. In addition, no one will guarantee that those will make Instagram account popular.

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How to Order Instagram Promotion

Any entrepreneur is puzzled by the question ‘How to make your product or service popular?’ Word of mouth plays an important role in this, because customers satisfied with the level and quality of services provided will definitely recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. However, for this method of advertising to start working, a lot of time is needed, months or even years. If you do not intend to wait and are aimed at making a profit here and now, use the option of advertising your offer on the popular social network Instagram. It is hardly possible to find someone who has not heard about it yet. Statistics show that hundreds and thousands of new users from all over the world who want to boost Instagram likes register there every day. This is a great chance to make your product popular not only in your country, but also abroad. You can find customers and buyers from other regions and other countries. No advertising method can tell about your product to the same number of potential customers.

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Contemporary business: Instagram Social Marketing

Instagram can be considered to be one of the most effective advertising sites. According to statistics, its marketing potential is at least 60% higher than that of Facebook, not to mention less known projects. That is why there is no surprise in the fact that such a service similar to get likes on instagram is so popular today. A simple trick allows the smart businessmen to attract the attention of millions of users to the unknown goods and services and increase engagement on Instagram.

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