Business Account on Instagram: Advantages and Disadvantages

Today, many people, both popular and ordinary, have their accounts on Instagram. Here they can share photos, pictures, post Stories from their lives and much more. Almost everyone knows an easy way to get likes on Instagram, that is by actively promoting your page, attracting followers and commenting on other people’s posts.

Many users use their accounts to advertise their products or services. For such users, Instagram provides the ability to create a business account. What is it for? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How to set up a business account correctly? Let’s discuss it in our article.


  • What is a purpose of a business account?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a business account
  • How to set up a business account

What is a purpose of a business account?

First of all, business accounts are beneficial to Instagram itself, because there they can earn significant profit on advertising. For the users, the benefit lies in more advanced features than on personal pages. For example, in a business account there is a feedback feature, i.e. buttons “Call”, “How to get” and e-mail address.

In addition, it is easier to track statistics in a business account. So you can find out what posts are more interesting for the followers, which of them bring new users to the page, etc. This will help promote and improve your profile and business, as well as get 50 likes on Instagram.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a business account

Speaking about the benefits of a business account, you can highlight the following:

  1. Easy targeting. Personal page does not give such an opportunity. Instagram offers an automatic collection of the target audience, which is highly discouraged if you want to control the development of your business yourself. To do this, you need to allocate a small budget and spend some time.
  2. Extended communication. Thanks to the buttons “Call” and “How to get” you can keep in touch with your potential customers. It is worth remembering that not everyone can easily deal with the interface of the account. Therefore, it is desirable to secure a video instruction that explains in detail where these buttons are located and how to use them.
  3. Detailed data statistics. This function will show the activity of the followers on certain days, how many people clicked from the account link, the number of calls, etc. All actions are free and initially available in the profile.

Among the shortcomings could be:

  • failure of communication with Facebook, which is necessary for the full functioning of the server;
  • the inability to make your profile closed;
  • difficulties in preserving the natural reach of Central Asia.

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How to set up a business account

To change your account to a business one, first of all you need to synchronize between Instagram and Facebook. Next you need to open “Settings”, go to the “Account” and “Switch to Business Account”. You will also see the “Try Instagram Business Tools” tab. Then we fill in the registration form.

For other users to see your page, you need to fill in the contact information and mark the profile category.

At the moment, the server offers eight main areas:

  • personal blog;
  • singer or musical group;
  • arts;
  • medicine (beauty and health);
  • purchases;
  • range of goods and services;
  • grocery stores;
  • private business.

The list of categories is quite enough to determine exactly what topics your account belongs to. However, Instagram promises to further increase this list.

To switch to a business account or not is the decision of each person. A business profile on Instagram allows entrepreneurs to promote their business more efficiently.

Instagram: User Psychology

Likes, comments and reviews seem random, chaotic, but they have an important meaning. Activity in the social networks involves our desires, addictions, anxieties. Therefore, if you want to increase likes on Instagram and attract new followers, learn the psychological aspects of user behavior.


  • Likes encouragement
  • Why users write comments
  • Effect of cheating
  • Conclusion

Likes encouragement

Now it is trending to use marketing tricks and SMM methods to explain any person’s action, to learn how to get noticed on Instagram. Egocentrism explains the purchase of goods, comments – the strengthening of social ties. Let’s try to understand how it all works on examples.

Think about why you put likes. The reasons may be different, but there are three main ones:

  • Content approval. If you enjoy a comment, a photo, Stories, you give a well-deserved like
  • Alternative to saving. It happens that the post is not that good for saving it, but it will be a pity to lose it
  • Motivation from outside. This is the reason why many beginner profiles cannot recruit followers. It’s pretty simple

Surely you have noticed that many popular Instabloggers constantly write or say: “Please put likes.” Initially, it seems that such a call does not work at all, but in fact it shows tremendous efficiency. Many users, even if they like the content, do not consider it necessary to put likes. But, if they hear or read the call, they are more likely to change their mind and tap the approval “heart” button.

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Why users write comments

This requires the fulfillment of several conditions at once:

  1. Finding a reason
  2. Chance to write a review
  3. Wish

For many people, reason and desire are practically synonymous, which is not 100% true. The reason may be: a survey, a contest, a request from the author of a post, an internal need for self-expression* and/or interaction with other people**. Desire is born if there is interest and/or some benefit. So, if you have to write a hashtag under the post for registration in the contest, but the reward is insignificant, hardly people would like to take part in it.

* The need for self-expression means the expression of personal subjective opinion.

** Interaction with others is an activity in the profiles of close friends, relatives, acquaintances or with people who have a common circle of interests with you.

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Effect of cheating

It works for two categories at once – both for the profile owner and for the followers. For you, if you ordered followers to cheat, it results in a positive way, because you think that the account has become more popular. As for the followers, in a negative way, because they notice the dissonance between the number of followers and their activity in posts. Such a “dualism” leads to the fact that old followers unsubscribe, and new ones do not appear due to the low content level (the owner has no time to improve it, while they enjoy the imaginary popularity).

To avoid such things, it is necessary to order cheating from the serious and high-quality services, like ALL-SMM. Among other things, they allow to boost likes and views, which will create the desired level of activity. After such a cheat, the account will look interesting and popular, which will give motivation to the visitors to follow it.


When publishing a post, a photo, creating a contest, ordering a cheat, always ask yourself whether you would like it as a potential / actual follower. Thus, you can filter all unnecessary things, leaving only the high-quality content, which will ensure a chance to attract people, promote a profile, become famous.