Contemporary business: Instagram Social Marketing

Instagram can be considered to be one of the most effective advertising sites. According to statistics, its marketing potential is at least 60% higher than that of Facebook, not to mention less known projects. That is why there is no surprise in the fact that such a service similar to get likes on instagram is so popular today. A simple trick allows the smart businessmen to attract the attention of millions of users to the unknown goods and services and increase engagement on Instagram.

Why likes, but not direct or contextual advertising:

  • Nowadays no one likes imposing any kind of opinion. Likes look harmless to users as they basically express their personal approval;
  • Promotion via likes looks absolutely natural and affects products, services and reputation of the company in a positive way;
  • The cost of a package of likes is lower than that of an advertising campaign similar by its efficiency.

Pitfalls and nuances

It should be noted that the use of the above mentioned techniques is only the tip of the huge iceberg. The real process of promotion in social networks requires much more time and effort. At the same time one minor slip can downgrade the success of all the work done previously. As a result, the text about yourself on Instagram, example taken from some book or article, does not look that weird. The author simply does not want to take risks and uses well tested techniques.

It is worth mentioning that large companies don’t bother themselves with the question of how to get more engagement on Instagram and what to do. This kind of tasks is quite successfully delegated to various services and professional SMM-companies. Their skills and experience are the best defense against mistakes and fails.

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