IGTV on Instagram: Why is this Feature Needed?

Instagram provides many opportunities for its users. This service is not only for publishing photos and videos. With the help of the app, some users successfully earn and also become popular in the real world. The more views on Instagram, the higher is the rating of the account, which means that the income also grows. Therefore, many users seek to increase the level of popularity of the profile.


  • What is IGTV
  • What is the difference between video on IGTV and regular posts
  • How to use the IGTV service

What is IGTV

Instagram video views allow to increase the income of the account holder. Not so long ago, Instagram users received the opportunity to broadcast videos through the IGTV option. The service is designed for active people who like telling about their lives or use the Instagram tools to make money. IGTV is appreciated by those users who rarely watch TV, and most of their personal time is spent on the social network. Broadcasting through the new service has already been appreciated by a lot of Instagrammers.

What is the difference between video on IGTV and regular posts

On Instagram it is possible to upload videos in two ways. The first is posting in the news feed. The duration of these videos cannot exceed one minute, but it is allowed to publish an unlimited number of videos.

And the IGTV service allows to publish videos with the length from 15 seconds to 1 hour. Another advantage of using the new option is the ability to rewind the movie in different directions.

But for the ordinary Instagrammers, the video length limit is 10 minutes. Well-known bloggers and artists, who have a large number of followers, can use the IGVT service to the fullest.

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How to use the IGTV service

To create your channel on IGTV, install the application from the official store. The developers have released applications for operating systems iOS and Android. You need to log in to the IGTV profile using the login and password from Instagram. And all followers from the social network will automatically become followers on the IGTV channel. These two services perfectly interact with each other. And it has become much easier to promote two accounts in different services.

The service menu is easy to understand, and any inexperienced user can handle it. And if you want to delete the IGTV channel, you will have to say goodbye to your Instagram account too. Perhaps soon, the developers will eliminate this drawback.

To increase the account rating, it is recommended to use all possible ways and features of Instagram. IGTV channel is a great opportunity to get new followers. But if there is a need to get new followers in the shortest possible time, it is better to use the help of experienced professionals. For example, use the service ALL-SMM. The cost of the service will pay off in a short time. As for the followers cheating, only legal methods, not prohibited by the Instagram administration, are used.