Instagram: Engagement Ratio or How the Self-Deception Works

Instagram has started as a photo sharing platform. But over the years, the service has grown and became a major social network and an effective marketing tool. But many users believe that Instagram works by analogy with other social networks, and the main idea is to recruit a lot of followers and unique visitors. In fact, it is more important to gain more likes than views Instagram. And now we will explain why.


  • What’s the catch?
  • How ER works
  • Optimal ratio
  • Anti-cheat
  • ALL-SMM vs ER
  • Conclusion

What’s the catch?

The number of followers and free video views on Instagram is the first thing that catches one’s eye when one logs into their account. Therefore, it seems that these numbers are the most important, so their number is the decisive factor in determining the ‘power’ profile. Of course, they affect all other variables, but too little to take it into account. But counting likes, comments, saving, calculating median and fashion for displaying seems too complicated and not too obvious.

How ER works

ER or engagement ratio is a metric that shows the ratio of the number of followers to their activity. This indicator is calculated using a fairly simple formula.

(Activity Followers) x100%,

where Activity = amount of likes, comments, and saves per day.

So, if you have 1000 followers and 100 activities per day, then ER equals 10%, which is a pretty good indicator.

The engagement factor shows the Instagram’s algorithms, how interesting the posts are to the followers, and whether they can be added to the feed for a long time.

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Optimal ratio

Obviously, the bigger percent there is, the better. But in fact, it all depends on the direction of the account. If this is a personal profile, where you share photos and stories from life, then a good indicator is more than 40%. If this is a business profile where services and products are advertised – more than 10% is pretty good. For the Instabloggers – at least 15%.


Many users, hoping to promote their account quickly, use various cheats for free views and followers. It results in that having 10,000 followers, they have 2 comments and 10 likes. Such indicators not only look rather dubious in the eyes of the visitors, who immediately notice cheating, but are also very badly perceived by the social network algorithms. When ER is less than 0.01%, if there are more than a thousand followers, the account is marked as ‘unreliable’, which can lead to its blocking and deletion.


The ALL-SMM service, knowing the principles of Instagram really well, offers cheat service to their users that does not reduce, but increases the engagement factor. For this one can order likes for posts and comments, saves, Stories views and much more. So you can always keep the ER at an acceptable level, up to 50 percent or higher.

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While the number of followers increases, it is important to improve the quality of the content and motivate the followers to be active. Have promotions, contests, publish exclusive photos and videos. If there is no wish to spend time and effort on this, it is enough to order cheat at ALL-SMM to save a favorable ER.